Welcome to Stony Cliffs & Rock Badgers an extended reflection on The Rule of Saint Benedict.

Why Stony Cliffs and Rock Badgers? The name comes from Psalm 104 in the English Standard Version translation and was a phrase that stuck out while engaging in Lectio Divina. When beginning this project, a Lectio Divina on The Rule of Saint Benedict I stumbled across my notes from that day and the image of the stony cliffs being a place refuge for the Rock Badger stuck. I find much comfort and refuge in the practical and timeless words of S. Benedict and this project is about dwelling in them.

Why me? I am a Parish Priest and a Benedictine Oblate. At one point in my life I attempted to discern if I was being called to Religious Life in the Benedictine Order. Although that was not the path that I eventually felt I was called to I have never really left ‘The Rule’ behind, it has punctuated my theological and spiritual development and in many ways is something that still governs the way I inhabit my priestly life.

I am certainly not claiming to be an expert – I have undertaken formal qualifications in Theology and post graduate studies in Christian Spirituality with a focus on Thomas Merton.

Another way I express my spiritual life is through the medium of poetry Рthis can be found on my other blog; Liturgical Poetry and I can be found on Twitter

Please do get in touch, either through the comments as the posts begin or through Twitter. It would be great to make contact with others who are interested in Saint Benedict and Spiritual life.